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Our Restaurant


The New Sarum Diner has been owned and operated by the White Family for over 40 years. Originally established in 1943, we're very proud to be....Elgin County's Oldest Diner.

How we started...


In the 1800s, New Sarum was a bustling community consisting of a school, church, general store, telephone company, grist mill, brick yard, blacksmith shop and three hotels.

In the 1930s, this building was built as a garage but was used to manufacture corn cob pipes. In the 1940s it was renovated and became "The Deluxe Diner".

An annual event that took place in New Sarum was a summer picnic called "Grandpa's Birthday Party". It has been recorded that as many as 5,000 people attended - to visit, and enjoy the roast chicken, country pies, and fresh baked breads.

New Sarum still remains and the restaurant serves thousands of people each year in the same hospitable way the village did in the 1800s.


New Sarum Diner , Established 1943
Really Good Food

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